How to Setup a Proxy Server

Internet Connection Sharing or ICS is a built-in Windows option that allows one Internet connection to be shared between multiple users. If you have three computers in the house and only one is connected to the Internet, using this option you will be able to connect other computers to the Internet. ICS has the simple role of a small router and does not give us any great administrative freedom. We do not have access restrictions on certain sites, or a flow restriction per user, but it's a great help to work in the lack of a router or a more serious proxy program. We proceed from the assumption that all computers are networked, and that the telephone line is connected to the modem of one of them. We make these settings right on this computer. Turn on sharing on the Internet or any other connection by going to Network Connections, and right clicking on the connection - properties. Select Advanced tab. This should include check box Allow other network users. After that, the computer will ask you to change your IP address. Although this address may not be suitable for you, allow a change. If you want to return the old address, go back to Network Connections, then Right click on your LAN connection and Properties. Select TCP / IP properties and set the address that suits you. You do not need to set up the Gateway option on the computer that you connect to the Internet, but you need to insert the DNS server numbers. If you need any kind of information on this article-related topic click here smartproxy On the computer through which the connection to the Internet goes, the Routing and Remote Access service, as well as the client computer, should be started. After setting the server on all computers in the network, add Gateway to Network Connections, and right-click on your LAN connection because the address is changed. Gateway is the IP address of the computer through which the connection to the Internet goes. After this setting, all computers in the network should have access to the Internet.

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